Investigate the Exit of the Britain from European Union and Its Impacts on the International Community

  •  Mohammad Ehsan Chaboki    


Although Europe is not a superpower, but it is a great world power, at least in the economic dimension and it has a decisive effect on many international issues. Means it has much to say in relation to trade, the environment, drug control, natural disasters, and serious illnesses and so on. But in the field of policy passing the restrictive measures that puts on its agenda, in the major and basic issues it inevitably should cooperate with US and follow it. Europe on these types of subjects, considers inevitably a complementary role of America for itself at least for some time. So a sense that at the time was applied in Germany is also true about the current Union: European Union is an economic giant and a political dwarf that lacks the characteristics of a great and perfect power. It seems that no issue had been raised as the importance of exit of Britain from the European Union and the effects that it will leave from the end of the Second World War up to now means more than 70 years. Location and history of Britain add to the importance of this issue. The exit of Britain apart from the business and economic consequences can create a political and psychological shock in European developments. As entering of Great Britain took place loudly within a decade (Eventually, in 1973), leaving this country is associated with a lot of coverage in 4 recent years. This issue has been become one of the concerns of circles of Britain and Europe. America and Canada have also repeatedly warned about the negative consequences of this exit that we will discuss it in this paper.

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