The Study of Structural Vulnerability of Islamic Councils in Iran’s System of Law

  •  Mohammad Reza Moin Fard    
  •  Mohammad Kazem Emad Zadeh    
  •  Morteza Tabibi    


Local institutions of Iran have a long history in having rules and regulations. But contrary to this, achieving the desired goal has always faced challenges and various historical, political, cultural, economic and social barriers. In the meantime, as a local institution, the structural and organizational barriers faced by Islamic councils can be separately taken into account in terms of different rules. The absence of having an appropriate status in the Constitution and lack of necessary features for a local entity in ordinary law are among the most important barriers encountered by Rural and Urban Islamic councils in Islamic Republic of Iran. In this respect, it seems necessary for the Guardian Council to provide a different interpretation of the Constitution befitting the status and dignity of Islamic councils and employ the current capacities of councils as well as Legislature to have its efforts in enactment of appropriate laws.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.