Strategic Marketing Management with Japanese Management Approach

  •  Ayeh Vilkey    
  •  Mehdi Dehbid    


Extensive and comprehensive political, economics, technological differences and related crisis have caused organizations to encounter many challenges in directing activities and maintaining their position in a competitive environment. Strategic management is known as an efficient solution for institutes in dynamic environments.

Strategic marketing management determines and plans marketing strategies and implements them with a clear understanding of the organization`s mission, the assessment of environmental factors, checking the organization’s situation, and exploring opportunities in the market.

Strategic management process is a guidance to execute organization activities besides organization type or size. This process can be used by organizations in terms of marketing. The basic steps of strategic marketing management are similar for all types of organizations like organizations related to manufacturing industries, while importance of each step is different to others depending on effective environmental factors on the institute. In the present paper, these steps and some examples of their application are explained.

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