To Review and Analyze Thoughts and Political Ideas of Muhammad Abduh and Ali Abd al-Raziq

  •  Zahra Navabzadeh    
  •  Aliakbar Amini    


Flows of recent Islamic awakening which changed a number of Islamic countries, this question is arisen that theoretical background of this movement should be looked at in whose thought and action. In response to this, according to the forefront of Egypt during the last two centuries, minds are directed toward Mohammad Abduh and Ali Abd al- Raziq. Muhammad Abduh and Ali Abdel are among the leaders and thinkers of the Islamic awakening in the Sunni world. Both, with common but differentiated pain about Muslim countries condition, backwardness and have been holding back their countries, had a think and they believed Islam was the final choice and tried to offer solutions in these areas that their solutions, according to performance and attitude, are notable. Therefore, the implementation of the political ideas of these two influential thinkers in the Muslim world is important. As far as studies show that, despite the great works of thought and ideas of these two scientists have been published, but no comparative studies have been discussed. Thus, due to the importance of the issue, so comparatively in this article, these two scholars of Islam world have been studied.

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