Study of Contra-Scripture and Tradition Condition in Marriage

  •  Sahar Adel    
  •  Attaollah Esmaeeli    


The stipulation of marriage, that is commitment and obligation, meaning that each party to the contract are entitled to ask from the other party, a specific description, act or omission, or the result of another contract, or to get committed for the benefit of the other party. About the stipulation of marriage, it can be said that it is not true that people are entitled to sign a stipulation without any criterion, and then call it "be enforceable", rather the stipulation must be signed under the terms established by law and sacred religious of Islam. The stipulations of marriage must not be against the scripture and tradition. The majority of jurists of Imamiyeh religious, according to the Hadith "Believers should fulfill their conditions, unless these conditions turn a lawful issue into an unlawful one or an unlawful issue into a lawful one " believe that the principle is the fulfillment of any stipulation, unless it is a condition which turns a lawful issue into an unlawful one or an unlawful issue into a lawful one. The contra-scripture and tradition conditions are of those unlawful stipulations, as to not damage the marriage the main pillars; they do not cause the nullity of marriage. But if they damage the main pillars of marriage, not only the stipulation has been nullified, but the marriage itself is nullified as well. This paper scrutinizes the situation of contra-scripture and tradition, and the touchstone to distinguish such conditions, as well as to investigate the extent they influence marriage.

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