Reflection on Judicial System’S Corruption and Offering Solutions to Promote Its Safety

  •  Roohollah Rahimi    
  •  Hamid Shakeri    


Judicial system of a society is responsible for consolidation and durability of its citizen’s mental and physical, personal and social health and judges bear decision making about citizens’ life, the freedom, rights, duties and estates. One of the items contained in United Nations’ charter is creating the conditions which in it, it is provided justice, respect to human’s rights and basic freedoms without any discrimination. With this purpose, countries’ judicial system should have full safety and in order that anti-corruption laws find run opportunity, it is natural that at first judicial system should be safe from corruption.

Writers in this study are paid to investigate reasons and fields of judicial’s corruption to achieve available best procedures in countries’ internal courts and judicial system with the aim of offering global standards and it is introduced available tools to qualitative increase of supervision and establishment of judicial’s security. After reviewing available national and international standards, this article is paid to offer solutions in the direction of judicial system safety’s promotion of Islamic Republic of Iran, assuming that the results of such approach will be increasing of public welfare and trust toward Islamic government.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.