Jordan Role in Compacting International Terrorism

  •  Ziad M. Rabie    


Many Arabic countries are suffering from big waves of International terrorism, to a point that it requires from all countries to unify their efforts in compacting the international terrorism; Jordan in other hand had played a great role in compacting it, and as a result many laws had been issued in Jordan criminalizing such terrorist acts.

Not only that, but Jordan had joined the international coalition to compact the International terrorism effectively; as a result, the Jordanian forces are participating effectively in targeting many terrorist locations around the world, on the other hand it was targeted by many terrorist attacks resulted in many deaths and casualties among Jordanian citizens.

In this research I addressed the International terrorism concept and the laws issued in Jordan to compact terrorism, in addition pinpointing the acts that are considered terrorist acts.

the research ended with a conclusion that include the most important recommendations from the restate point of view.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.