A Survey to the Origins of International law in Islam with the Emphasis on Human Rights

  •  Sayed Reza Eslami    


The Dutch called (Hugo Grosyius) is known in the most university textbooks as the father of international law. He acquired many of his intellectual foundations by reading (Seyrolkabir) book in Istanbul. Later on he presented realistic goals and ideas in his treatises and writings. That caused realistic developments in the West after the Renaissance, and therefore the, west knows him as (father of international law). But the intellectual foundation and what he used as the primary source and guidance of his thoughts were in fact Quranic verses and the big prophet traditions of Islamic religion and Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) which were collected as a summary in a text. Which was considered and done before Grosyius about 1100 years ago and acted upon it. (1)

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