Shiite and Sunni Political Expediency Position in Jurisprudence: A Case Study of Political Thought of Imam Komeini and Abu Ishaq Shatby

  •  Marzieh Samaei Sahneh Saraei    
  •  Jalal Dorakhshah    
  •  Rahim Khastu    


"Interest" is one of the basic concepts of political jurisprudence that Shia and Sunni scholars have developed different opinions about it. In the sphere of Shiite political jurisprudence, especially after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the concept was deemed appropriate status in the vote and the views of Imam Khomeini were manifested. In Sunni jurisprudence, numerous scholars have examined this issue that they can be named the most outstanding Abu Isac Shatby. In this article, the question is: what are the differences and similarities of Imam Khomeini's viewpoints of Abu Isac Shatby on the issue of the interest and the research method is descriptive and regarding the title is matching that is woth for exploration and investigation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.