Comparative Analysis of Qarun Story in Quran and Bible

  •  Davood Memari    
  •  Mojgan Aghayi    


As a symbol of wealth, Qarun life is amalgamated with arrogance and rebellion in three Surahs of Quran: Al-Qasas (Stories), Al-Ankabut (Spider) and Ghafir (Forgiver). In Al-Ankabut and Ghafir just one Ayah (line) is dedicated to Qarun story, but Al-Qasas portrays his pride and intoxication of unlimited wealth which was followed by him forgetting God and kindness with others, and lastly his death in seven ayahs. Based on Quran, Qarun is from Moses (peace be upon him) tribe but he oppressed his own people. He was very wealthy and believed his wealth was just the result of his competency and merit. His people benevolently advised him, and also God reminds him and all those who are like Qarun that there were some even more powerful and avarice people than Qarun him but all died. Yet he again refused to donate his wealth and began to show off, and the worldly minded wished they had been in his place. Then God’s torment was descended and he commanded the earth to devour Qarun and his house. Bible, like Quran, describes his fate in “Ishah 16, Journey of Numbers” under the Hebrew name of “Qarun bin Izhar bin Kohath bin Levi”: “Qarun is Moses cousin, but as he was jealous of Moses and Aaron, he rebelled against Moses with collaboration of Dathan, Abiram, and Oan and 250 of leaders of Bani Israel. After that earth opened its mouth and devoured Qarun, Dathan and Abiram. Afterward a fire came from Lord and burnt the remaining of his companions. Here in this study we are going to compare these texts as nowadays it is necessary to discuss these natters enabling us to unite followers of holy religions and preventing discord.

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