Investigate the Relationship between the Crime of Insulting Religious Sanctities and the Right to Freedom of Speech in Iranian Law and International Human Rights

  •  Batoul Pakzad    
  •  Iman Serajian    


Insulting religious beliefs and sanctities in some cases will intersect with freedom of speech. In this case, offenders have raided religious beliefs of other people under the guise of freedom of speech and insult them by poisoned arrows. While opponents thinkthis is the right while opponents think, this is the right which can be limited and undoubtedly insulting religious sanctities and religious beliefs, is considered as the boundary for this human right. Way of boundaries between these two challenging concepts is the foundation of this study that leads to preventation of spearding the freedom of speech to make insulting and not so much that sanctities circle and religious beliefs can be extended that no place for free speech and thinking and criticism can be remained. This study investigate the relationship between the crime of insulting religious sanctities and freedom of speech in Iranian law and international instruments on human rights using descriptive and analytical methods.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.