The Role of Advertisements in Protection of Consumer’s Right of Choice

  •  Pari Khaledi Doborji    
  •  Abbas Qasemi Hamed    


Consumer’s right of choice is the most important one of his rights. Protecting it during the period before conclusion of contract can predispose the creation of a stable legal relationship which is in conformity with the real will and purpose of the consumer. Category of advertisement is one of the most important factors that have a strong impact on the consumer’s choice. True advertisements which are in conformity with realities make the consumers evaluate selection options for purchasing or using the advertised goods or services and decide according to it and without spending time and cost. However, untrue advertisements will have a reverse role with reflection of untrue affairs. Therefore, the role of advertisements and its effectiveness on consumer’s right of choice are from the undeniable realities. That is why the organization of advertisements affair to protect Consumer’s right of choice is a necessity that different legal systems have responded to it. In this research, the legal systems of Iran and Britain have been studied in a descriptive and comparative method. So that a step to be taken to remove legal defects and deficiencies while recognizing the legal status and consumer protective tools in Iran law.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.