Analysis and Review of Wife Inheritance and the Parents of the Deceased in the Religions with Holy Book

  •  Ahmad Reza Behniafar    
  •  Maryam Saadat Eftekhariyan    


To talk about human rights in the new and modern format and is one of the most important features of the contemporary era and in which, the rights of women is of particular importance. Elimination of legal discrimination due to gender, in different aspects of the life of human rights, with emphasis on women's rights forms the primary focus of all regional and international treaties and Declaration of women's rights. Defending financial rights of women including women's inheritance right is a critical argument.

With a careful study, we find that in various religions, wife inheritance is accepted and in divine religions (with the holy book). This issue has been respected and regarding form, there are similarities between the religions about the wife inheritance, However, apart from similarities, regarding essence, they have legislative differences. So in this seminar, the wife inheritance in divine religions is explained and analyzed, and comparative review of wife and parents estate of deceased in different religions is done so the problems in this regard can be obviated.

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