The Effect of Zionist Lobby on America's Foreign Policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran

  •  Mojtaba Abdollahi    


Undoubtedly, no country as America is the host and influenced of pressure groups, and because of the existence of the interests and valuation system in America, this issue has made decision making in foreign policy of this country difficult. Among pressure groups in America, Zionist lobbies seem to have the most influence in America's foreign policy. Based on this, it can be approximately said that America and Israel have had special ties after the World War II and AIPAC Group has always guaranteed the continuation of this relationship. A set of factors play role in forming foreign policy of each country internally, nationally and internationally that the outcome of these factors’ action and reactions will is presented as the outcome and "foreign policy". The United Sates of America’s foreign policy is also the same process, based on this according to the international relationships ideas which of the important levels in analyzing foreign policy of the United States of America is internal level whose one of its components is investigating the role of pressure groups in forming the foreign policy of this country, practically the activity of any groups isn’t as prominent and highlighted as Zionist lobby in this subject.

Therefore the author of this research is sought to investigate the effect of different shapes of Zionist lobby and the position and performance of this regime in America’s foreign policy towards Iran, hence the arrow of lobbying activities in the area of Iran is also evaluated; consequently in the process of the research, stating that influential element in the system of decision making in The United States of America about the role of stakeholder groups with a focus on Zionist lobby and the unwavering support of the United States from this lobby is undeniable.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.