Attribution of Liability among Multiple Tortfeasors under Negligence Law: Causation in Iran and England

  •  Elyas Noee    
  •  Mohammad Noee    
  •  Azadeh Mehrpouyan    


“Causation” possesses a considerable place in tort law of Iran and England particularly in the field of Negligence law. Existing differences in legal systems of Iran (as a Civil Law system) and England (as a Common Law system) make find a common perspective difficult to study causation but possible. This research focuses to compare causation in cases where more than one tortfeasors is involved in inflicting damage by negligence. This study also attempts to recognize differences and similarities between Iran and England in order to resolve ambiguities in Iran legal system through England legal system. The study was conducted in three sections including tortfeasors’ indenpendancy, tortfeasors’ contribution, and tortfeasors’ separate impact. This paper reports respectively: in case of tortfeasor independency, Iran law admits jointly and severally liability while England law offers a variety of approaches in various cases; in case of tortfeasors’ contribution, each tortfeasor is liable according to its effect on causing damage with few exceptions; and in case of tortfeasors’ separate impact, per tortfeasor is liable for inflicted damage which is only from oneself side. The results show England law can be considered to filling legal gap of Iran law regarding present identified differences and similarities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.