Data Privacy in Electronic Commerce: Analysing Legal Provisions in Iran

  •  Parviz Bagheri    
  •  Kamal Halili Hassan    


This article discusses the legal protection of data privacy in electronic commerce in Iran. Currently, there is a gap in respect of data privacy protection in Iran as there is no specific privacy legislation in force. Consequently, e-consumers dealing in internet commerce are less protected. However there are rules and regulations in the laws in Iran such as the Islamic Republic (IR) of Iran Constitution, Computer Crimes Act, Penal Code, and Civil Liability Act which relate to privacy in general, although not directly related to data privacy in e-commerce. The Electronic Commerce Law (ECL) is the main legislation in Iran which contains some provisions on personal data privacy. This article discusses the relevant provisions in the ECL pertaining to data messages and privacy and interprets its various meanings to determine whether they are in line with well established principles found in good data privacy protection measures.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.