The Study of the Authority of an Act of Infallible Imam and Its Illustrations in Jurisprudence

  •  Akram Sadat Ojagh    
  •  Ebrahim Sedighi    
  •  Jamal Rezaei    


This research aims to study the Authority of act of Infallible Imam and its illustrations in Jurisprudence through a descriptive-analytic method. Tradition is the second source of legislation and includes the words, actions and writings infallible Imam. Its authority has been proved by the evidence of four including books, tradition, reason and consensus. One aspect of that tradition is the source of discrepancies between the three principal Shiite and Sunni, act of infallible Imam. For this purpose, it has been tried, first, through discussion to prove the infallibility of the Prophet and the Imams and the current tradition in terms of attribution to its owner. Also, we examined the expression of act and the innocent denote each independently. If the work is done from infallible Imam of his peculiarities, certainly will not be a place for spreading it to others verdict. He coordinates if it is not; it certainly is the verdict for all Muslims. As a result, his action is a proof to us.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.