Study of Orientation and News Coverage about Daesh Crisis in Websites of IRNA, BBC and Voice of America

  •  Hamidreza Yarmohammadi    
  •  Hajimohammad Ahmadi    


This paper, entitled “Study of orientation and news coverage about Daesh crisis by websites of IRNA, BBC Persian and Voice of America”, comparatively explores structure and how to cover news in websites of IRNA, BBC Persian and the voice of America. The paper is conducted in descriptive-analytical method and by the way of content analysis. Data has been studied in library method. Survey and examination of existing documents as well as analysis of the content of news websites are presented in descriptive tables. The type of organization and how to cover news differ in three websites of BBC and IRNA, Voice of America. Every three websites have specifically emphasized on the element “who’’, “news value’’ and “fame’’, indicating their person-oriented and talk orientation. Finally, it was concluded that most published news are “non-productive’’ in three websites, however IRNA’s portion is more than others. Conceptually, the issue of Daesh group resistance, the employment of Jihadi groups, the effort to manifest Daesh an Islamic group, introducing Daesh governmental philosophy as an Islamic government and not mentionning to its terrorist nature has been under survey and attention of these three websites. The focus of IRNA and Voice of America is mostly on “hard news’’ but BBC concentrates on “soft news’’ or reflection of events along with complementary information. Publication of “photo’’ has been used as interactive and multi-media facilities by news websites. Unlike IRNA, websites of BBC and Voice of America have highly made use of Email and links to topics and relevant websites.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.