Absence of a Universal Treaty on Foreign Investment and Movement toward It

  •  Leila Raeisi    
  •  Abdolnaeim Shahriari    


Foreign investment is today one of the most important pillars of economic and social development. Having passed several ups and downs, the legal regime governing foreign investment could be now called the result of a vast range of developments. An in-depth study of these developments will provide a comprehensive outlook for preparing a roadmap of the law on foreign investment both from a national and transnational perspective. In this regard, one main question would be whether the development of rules in the field of foreign investment has prepared the required conditions and basis for conclusion of a universal treaty on foreign investment? Plus it is to be clarified as to what would be the appropriate approach for regulation of foreign investment from the international aspect. While studying the developments in the recent decades, the present paper will review the perspectives for conclusion of a universal foreign investment treaty and the process for such a treaty.

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