Analysis of Consequences and Ordinances of Revocation in Khula and Mubarat Divorce

  •  Sayed Mohammad Shahab Mirshahzadeh    
  •  Mohammad Hossein Karimi    


The divorce means dissolution of marriage permanent that has been done after performing divorce and since then is interrupted conjugal relationship between husband and wife, however, according to the type of divorce resulting from their work will be different. One of iqaat in Jurisprudence accepted by the man to see his wife at the time of iddah and also return women to we pay in order to possible to return the men to marriage in Khula and Mubarat divorce. In some cases challenges returning to philosophy of divorce and a kind of defeating the purpose will be done that the opportunity does not give the men. And thus the nature of divorce is irrevocable and complete separation between men and women is created. Given the importance of returning issue, this research examines the effects of works and judgments of return on Khula and Mubarat divorce. After reviewing, finally, it was concluded that there is not difference between return and its effect in Khula and Mubarat divorce and the only difference is in the nature of these two divorces. So it is necessary that this issue comprehensively reflected in the law books.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.