The Legal Responsibility of Nurses in Administration of Prescriptions

  •  Farhad Moradi    
  •  Mohammad Reza Shademanfar    


Patient safety is one of the main issues in health care services. Medical mistakes are common potential dangers for patients that can be treated as a measure of patient safety. Medication errors are the most common errors in the nursing profession, which can be potentially dangerous for patients. In this study, the main purpose was evaluation of criminal responsibility of nurses in administration of prescriptions using descriptive and analytical approach. Since for medical professionals legal aspects of such cases are beyond their duty, we wish to determine the criminal liability for medical care personnel (e.g. nurses) and associated professionals

We will look at penal provisions for this matter closely. Obviously, lack of medical community responsibility for such errors will diminish cases of criminal prosecution. While specific rules in Medicine provide the possibility to call upon relevant incumbents, yet, criminal responsibility has not been assigned to this issue. In the legal responsibility of medical superintendents, nursing faults are divided into two categories, general criminal liability and specific criminal liability. Recent responsibility requires that necessary coordination exists between prosecution laws and specific laws in medicine.

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