The Roots of Ejtemaioun Ammioun Emergence and Its Governing Ideas

  •  Mohammad Ali Ahmadi    


The first organization party entitled Ejtemaioun Ammioun was established at the first of 20th century. This party at first was established not only in Iran, but also Transcaucasia by the Iranian immigrant. At the end of 19th century, revolutionary movements were initiated in Transcaucasia and Russia, Georgian and Armenia coalitions led it. Due to the reluctance of Muslims and particularly Iranian for cooperating with non-Islamic organizations for the religious purpose, some of the activist Muslim members or close to the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party member tried to establish a community and absorbed them through the establishment of a political party. The organization was founded with the name of Hemat and a significant number of Iranian and native Muslims were organized in this organization. The close relationship of Iranian to Hemat, the Iranian activist immigrants encouraged to establish their own party organization. These persons by following administrative and organizational goals of Hemet party and collaboration with some of its leaders, organized Ejtemaioun Ammioun with the aim of supporting the Iranian migrant workers and expanded its activities toward Iran. Given this background, part of its plan came under the influence of Social Democratic Party’s ideas. Ejtemaioun emphasized over the loss of privilege, reform land ownership patron-client relations, and workers’ rights by limiting working hours, the right of strike and freedom of trade unions. The prominent feature of Ejtemaioun Ammioun party was mixing religion with their organizational plans. Contrary to the impression prevailing at the time, Ejtemaioun Ammioun tried to show the Social socialist principles do not contradict the Islamic principles andeven many of the principles already existed in Islam. They introduced themselves as the true defenders of Islamic law.

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