Mental and Practical Roots of the Formation of Democratic Party of Iran and Its Ruling Thought

  •  Mohammad Ali Ahmadi    


social groups, new political currents inspired from socialist thoughts entered the political scene of Iran. This current before the formation of second national counsel parliament was active under different groups and categories. The establishment of new political system after the victory of constitutionalists over minor tyranny and conquering Tehran some of the activists of these organizations were persuaded to engage at parliamentary activities. Change of the election law at the threshold of second parliament establishment which abolished the union representativeness principle facilitated the possibility of party activities in parliament therefore by the occurrence of the new conditions the activities of these groups were oriented to direct influence and attendance in the power structure by the party. With this goal in mind, some of the EJTEMAIYUN and a number of active Armenian social democrats of Tabriz with the assistance of Rasulzade, socialist <Hemmat organization>, founded <Democratic Party of Iran>. The present study is an attempt to analyze the bases which lead to the cooperation of these people with various political and organizational origins. The practical actions of the organizers by direct extraction from documents related to Democrat Party and the extraction of the ruling thought from the published texts by this organization constitute the content of the present article.

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