Pricing Challenges in Export Contracts of Gas Industry of Iran; Capacities and Obstacles

  •  Fakhredin Aboieyeh    
  •  Aye Katebi    


The present study is conducted via library and field method and implementing interviews. First, general issues in terms of natural gas and its market and its features within Persian Gulf and the past and present of the gas industry of the country has been explored to facilitate entering the main discussion and found out that the gas market is a local market and lack of recognizing a basic price in Persian Gulf and in particular in Iran caused that despite its superior position among resources not to have an efficient impact so far and in continuation gas export contract conditions and common formula analysis were analyzed to find out how apposite pricing formula can be arranged. The obtained results showed that lack of gas export is an unwritten political policy and originates mostly from the loss of its pricing formula and specialized analyzing of the pricing principles across the world and use of regional standards can solve this retardation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.