Prison and Its Impact on Recidivism

  •  Amir Alahdadi    


"Imprisonment" is one the main penalties currently applied in all legal systems of the world. This penalty, as well as other penal institutions, has undergone many changes throughout history and has been evolved by several reforms to turn into its present form. However, imprisonment system has not moved towards its goals – which are "punishment", "intimidation" and "rehabilitation". Also it has adverse effects and serious damages for the society, including the impact of prison on recidivism.

Serious attention to the problems arisen from prison is a critical and essential issue that requires cooperation and coordination of triple forces and community as well as the prisoners themselves. It is not a unilateral issue which involves the prisoner community at all, but its major victim is society where recidivism disturb the peace, order and security. Thus, the goal of all criminal systems in recent years was reducing the resort to this punishment and eliminate its adverse effects and also passing several rules, regulations and bylaws or holding numerous conferences and training workshops at national and international level. In order to achieve this purpose rules and providing different solutions are imposed.

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