A Probe into Impediments of Benefit Gain in Investment Contracts of Oil and Gas Industries

  •  Nader Mardani    
  •  Mohammad Mehdi Hooshmand    


Generally, oil contracts comprise of a set of benefits in their own specific settings. Different technical, sometimes fundamental, factors may lead to imbalance in benefiting from the contract; this is considered as injustice in international relations and a violation to purpose of law. Therefore, seeking strategies to deploy justice in this field and offering strategies to find such strategies is of crucial importance. The present study is aimed at investigating impediments and factors that cause imbalance in equal gains of both parties in these contracts. Identification of these factors and the existing conditions significantly help realization of justice within a framework of rules and regulations. After carrying out deep analyses of oil contract and evaluation of the results, factors influencing this were identified; some of this factors such as contract parties and selection of the type of contract and currency system are related to the parties’ will sand some others are related to conditions such as risks of economic policy making and of economic structures, while there is another case of gas and oil price fluctuations which is separate from the existing conditions or parties’ wills. Therefore, it is of great importance to take these issues into account and to make attempts to follow them toward gaining benefit from oil contracts for oil companies, particularly those in countries where oil is the aim source of income.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.