Forming the Concept of Crime in Theoretical System of Post Modernism

  •  Tavasolizadeh Parviz    
  •  Varvai Akbar    


One of the dimensions of social changing is the people’s aspects in any era toward the topic of crime, punishment, and administration of justice as well as legal agenda. Therefore the concept of crime has passed historical changes base on the social contexts in which it is located. The connections and relations among the elements, that make the concept of crime, were variable and different. Some scholars concern the present era as a postmodern era which has been emerged after the era of modernity and it somehow has forced itself on societies. In this era all concepts and agendas have been changed in concept and discourse. The concept of crime and criminology has also been changed in both sides. The scholars of this area believe that metamorphosis happens in the concept of crime from modern era into a new critical and postmodern formation. Therefore this study is going to form the concept of crime in theoretical system of postmodernism. The findings of this study shows that crime in the era of postmodernism and in that conceptual system is a kind of “discourse constructed” and is a kind of function of the dominant power and social conditions .

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