Environmental Diplomacy: A Framework for Growth of International Interaction and Cooperation for Achievement of Global Peace

  •  Sobhan Tayebi    
  •  Seyed Fazlollah Moosavi    
  •  Seyed Abbas Poorhashemi    


Protection of the Environment nowadays is the top Priority on the Agenda of the International Community of Decision-Makers. The increasing Importance of the Issue Is Due To The Fact That Minor National Environmental Crises Have Developed into Major International ones. Surely Sustainability in Development and Environmental Protectiondoes not occur without Serious Regional Interactions And International Cooperation. Hence, Despite the Improved International Relations And Capacities As Well As The Existing Mechanisms, Inter Alia, The International Rules, The Global Community should attempt Towards Interactions To Protect The Global Security against Major Challenges and Keep Global Peace in a stable process. Hence, Environmental Diplomacy Is a Major Issue that is Efficient in the Interactions among Countries and, Ultimately, Citizens, Adding to the Depth of Peace and Security. In This Direction, Constructive Interactions on a National Scale As well As Effective Interactions on Regional and International Scales form An Effective Strategy to encounrer Increasing Environmental Threats. The Aim of This Study Is discussion And An Exploration of Environmental Diplomacy In Light Of International Interactions And Cooperation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.