Child's Privacy Jurisprudence and International Instruments

  •  Zahra Ansari    
  •  Mohammad Khoshkar    
  •  Mohammad Ebadi    


In the privacy rights of Shiite jurisprudence Iran directly noted instances of its use of the term is limited including the need to protect the privacy of the place with the explicit text of the Holy Quran. It's important to enter the house without letting others do not the civil rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is Shiite jurisprudence emanating from pointed to some evidences of privacy. But in international documents under human rights law and conventions of privacy have been more effectively different categories of persons referred to in the privacy in Shiite jurisprudence and civil rights and the fundamental rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, also examples of human beings considered independently about the child's privacy is something not stated. Although, due to the arrival of children, especially in social virtual communities appear to need immediate attention to children's privacy by lawyers. The drafters of civil law is necessary and international measures to develop laws in this case was conducted including raising the age to 16 years joined children to social networks can be mentioned which is also protect the privacy of physical and sexual children abuse. All psychologists’ attention and extreme caution is ding to conflicts. According to the children defenseless against this social problem that should be subject to specific and severe punishment for properties compared with adults who are physically punished are more defense capabilities and reason legislators should be.

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