Confession Validity in Civil Right in Iranian Law and International Conventions

  •  Behnam Khodadoost    
  •  Seyed Mahmoud Mirkhalili    


Confession importance in retribution and even in civil affairs is so that law scientists call it as key reasons. Its importance is that is always in claims such as the most important reason to it. In principal in punishment affairs, confession accused without there is investigation on his/her validity confession and there is documentaries on its affirm, there is not subjectivism and maybe there is from knowledge and presumption from court located on accused crime identification, therefore there is not worth confession that it obtains from compulsion, threat and torment and it has no way to it and taking confession to this way is perfect breach for civil law in law examination. There is one of sensible antitype retribution justice, observe civil law in judgmental courts there is the most important pillar in observation civil right, security and freedom in judgement sessions and especially confession controversy is the same subject. Guarantee civil law and judgement execution all of judgement procedures including crime discovery, pursuit, investigation, punishment execution or security and cultivation actions are basic assignments of retribution justice. In this study there was paid to specify confession place in judgements and volume its credit with confirm on civil rights.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.