Alternative Theoretical Foundations of Penal Sentences in Criminal Law with Regard to Iran's Islamic Penal Code 1392

  •  Ahmad Hamdamiyan    
  •  Ahmad Reza Behniafar    


The failure of penalties depriving liberty in the social rehabilitation of offenders and to reduce the jail population and prevention of recidivism and reduce the costs of implementing the policy of freedom depriving punishment sentence depriving freedom of recent decades and the United Nations was considering legal systems.In depriving Iran from its initial rounds of legislative measures to restrict the scope of punishment was considered free.since 1370 substitution of alternative measures of punishment now widely spread than ever before converting a penalty in the form of suspension of its operation are available depriving of freedom.

Alternatives to punishment of imprisonment in the Penal Code in 1992 was taken into consideration in the new Penal Code in 1392 in addition to the previous alternatives of new cases of alternative punishment of prison is considered that including the daily fine, public services and care period pointed out.

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