Role of Youth Diplomacy in Governments' Foreign Relationships by Using YNGOs Capacity (Youth Non-governmental Organizations)

  •  Rohollah Modaber    


In current world, regarding the daily event occur in human communications domain, the process of international problems causes blurring the role of governments and this new situation leads to evolution in common traditional diplomacy of past centuries. Parallel with the communities' evolution, it is evident, new scenarios engender in diplomacy and international relations arena which seek the modern preferences along methods adoption and modern means like using non-governmental players capacity especially NGOs. Regarding the youth role-playing in various countries specially developed onesas a thinking, work and providing ideas forces in institutions, scientific and administrative centers and the YNGOsdevelopment process in the global system along various programs including welfare and philanthropic measures beyond the countries' boundary; and creating active youth global network and developing this network in most youth communities along influence in philanthropic and universal programs in international arena which causes the influence on the minds of different masses of people and even governments and international organizations; new discourse with the title of youth diplomacy as modern diplomacy is created. Therefore, the present study aimed toinvestigate what is the role of youth diplomacy in developing philanthropic discourse and promoting welfare measures in international system by using NGOs. It seems, meanwhile, moving in the way of developing mutual understanding among youth in other countries, who has motivation and concerns to encounter the spread of war, ethnic conflicts, migration, the spread of AIDS, environmental degradation and other similar cases; will be the reason of the creation of the effective youth global network in countries along governments and YNGOs-orientated by unofficial meanshave the approach of achieving a better future in order to achieve the peace and pressure on the governments have the role in promoting violence and extremism.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.