Study and Performance of Sepah Bank in International Affairs and Its Impact on the Economy of Iran

  •  Gh. Mirshekari    
  •  H. Taleghani    


Banking system was born with the establishment of Sepah Bank in 1304. This bank has special role in international trade, financial and economic and monetary relations. Sepah bank by allocating the credit and providing the necessary resources for foreign investment and international trade after the Islamic Revolution in Iran and alignment with government policies has always had a special place in macroeconomic. In 1386 this Bank was sanctioned by America government, and since then it has been consistent with this conditions and when was sanctioned by United Nations as first Iranian bank because of Iran's nuclear program, how to comfort with this status and to fight was placed on the agenda. By establishing a special committee in bank based on the leader directions to resist economy, alternative ways to get out of the existing situation was carried out and Sepah bank was considered as a pattern for next sanctioned bank.

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