Evidence and Attestation Conflicts with Other Cases to Prove Litigation in Iran

  •  Nazar Ali Payrvandi    
  •  AzizAllah Fahimi    


Conflicts of cases to prove litigation is that between the two reasons that is presented to magistrate in legal disputes have had conflicts and these two reasons are not also retractable. Cases to prove litigation in civic law and Code of Civil Procedure has been described in detail in accordance with Article of 1258 of the Civil Code of cases to prove litigation include: Confession, written documents, attestation, dominion and oath. Evidence and attestation has been emerged as the most important cases to prove litigation and other cases to prove litigation conflicts between those two together and other cases to prove litigation will be responsible for important effects and results to votes and court verdicts. In this paper we investigate the Conflict of Evidence and attestation together and other cases of proving.

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