Kinds of Physical Subtraction in Islamic Jurisprudence and Iranian Law

  •  Ali Khalaphi    
  •  Mohammad Roshan    
  •  Ebrahim Taghizadeh    


It must be said that the family foundation is based on agreement, dedication, recognition of others rights and to respect them, observing the principle of sacrifice and patience in adversity. If a couple could not compromise with each other, regardless of its reason, this important foundation will be decomposed and agreement in family will strengthen the power of family. By provocation of differences, family will lose its function and disagreements will show up that may lead to divorce. In Iran legal system, the only foundation that can be said has similarities with physical separation, is the foundation of ‘Uddah’ after revocable divorce. In the period of said ‘Uddah’, the couple has some responsibilities of marriage, but there is no force of coexistence and coition. Special docility with meaning of responding to sexual needs of couple is not among the joint task.

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