The Investigation of Builders and Building Supervisors’ Responsibility in Iran Law

  •  Marjan Hossein Zadeh    
  •  Abdolmohammad Afrough    


As a professional career, builders and building supervisors’ activities is accepted as an especial liability from legislator’s point of view and every especial liability has its own technical its bylaws, the building control engineering system and national building regulations were provided and ratified that are necessary for the sake of security and protection of the buildings and structures and they are essential as the most basic civil rights. With analysis of relevant laws and regulations we realize that builders and supervisors’ responsibility is assumed as building fault-based liability by the legislator and liability without fault is an exception of the fault principle and the injured party to claim compensation of loss does not need to prove fault, so the builders and supervisors must take utmost caution in this regard. But about how, when and who they can plan their complaints, aside from the client, third parties such as buyers, passengers, entrants to the construction site and owner’s adjacent can all sue against the above-mentioned persons and all of them are relatively liable for damages to life and property losses of injured persons.

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