Validity and Effects of the Arbitration Agreement in Domestic and International Law of Iran and Arbitration Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce

  •  Hamzeh Esfandiari Bayat    


By more familiarity of people to the positive aspects of arbitration, the tendency to the dispute of arbitration has been more, but every time this issue is not possible simply because the parties may not have the required qualifications to adjust the arbitration agreement or the law that parties have considered ruling on the arbitration agreement, is invalid or if the agreement is adjusted in Iran due to the explicit opposition of law ruling to Iran's law, agreement loses its validity; Which this issue can follow the effects such as competent of judicial authorities in handling disputes. So the familiarity of parties can be important with the conditions of validity and effects of arbitration agreement. In this article, it is tried to be investigated and analyzed the validity conditions and the effects of arbitration agreements in domestic and international law of Iran and the rules of arbitration of the International Chamber of commerce separately and ruled procedure.

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