The Surrounding Regions of Iran and the Regionalism in Foreign Policy of Islamic Republic of Iran

  •  Fahimeh Sardashti    
  •  Hamid Ahmadi    


In addition to internal conditions, surrounding environment of any country provide opportunities as well as limitations within the process of policy making particularly in terms of foreign policy. It seems axiomatic that overlooking the surrounding regions within the process of policy making can lead to irrecoverable damages on the country’s interests. In the present study it has been attempted to examine the features and abilities of surrounding regions of Iran as well as answering the question that which regions have advantage and priority to provide national goals and foreign policy of Iran has been presented at the conclusion of the hypothesis that Northern and Eastern regions surrounding the country (ECO zone) because of the presence cultural, language and religious similarities hold higher rate of capacity in order to provide foreign policy goals.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.