Trade Firms Managers' Authorities in Iranian Trade Law

  •  Hamideh Sadat Abtahi    
  •  Ali Radan Jebeil    
  •  Majid Bonakdar    
  •  Omolbanin Darvishpoorian    
  •  Gholamhossein Masud    


Corporate of joint-stock companies with the rule of law is done by a group of directors as the Board of Directors and the CEO assignment but corporate of other firms such conduct is not legally binding and can also pay a manager to manage them individually that this a great damage because of his individual actions contradict interests of the firms and director, he/she will be taking a personal interest and this not only for the third parties but also for partners will be susceptible to harm and great responsibilities. The studies in this paper indicate that the authorities and duties of managers in joint-stock companies in law stated separately but about the other trade, generally known as a lawyer and representative. Managers of joint-stock companies must be in accordance with the law and the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors' decisions on corporate governance but in other trade firms, most of the managers' authorities, is general.

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