Study and Design of the Laws and Regulations in the Achaemenids Empire

  •  Seyed Ahmad Hosseini    
  •  Mohammad Mahdi Darvishiniya    
  •  Saba Sadat Hosseini    


Given the importance of the law, which is essential, to manage government, this article aims to investigate and develop a system for the legislation and regulations in Iranian manner, to review and explain the features of Achaemenid Empire's laws and regulations. In collecting this research information, the tool "note" and note taking and data coding are used based on statistical population and according to the qualitative resulted data from the study of documents from qualitative content analysis (of directional). The data that were collected from September 1392 to December 1393 were related to 559 years BC To 330 BC. The study Result showed that the system of laws and regulations in that course includes “Collection and analysis of laws, Codified the draft laws, Legitimacy and the formalization of the laws, Records and information". In the end, a model based on the input, process and output is developed and presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.