Local Examination and Research and Their Role in Iran Procedures

  •  Behrooz Eslamifar    
  •  Habib Asadi    


Subject dictum time of its implementation should be notified to the parties and the absence of any of the parties to prevent the implementation of the dictum examination and research not local. If this dictum will be issued directly by the court or prosecutor's dictum to the plaintiffs in the case claim the cost of implementing each of the parties, the applicant is responsible. Dictum examination of the dictum of numbers. Namely the implementation of this dictum, the case will be ready and the court judgment cannot deviate from it. This dictum in legal proceedings (civil) real estate is noticed. However, sometimes the difference in movable property may also dictum examination of the issue. Tribunal to issue dictum examination site are free, and with the implementation of this dictum to obtain documentary evidence that a vote will be taken. Research and examination should be subject local place as soon as possible. The signs may be eliminated or reduced by intervening factors is access to witnesses. For research and examination local view must be subject to objective and precise touch and understand that if the meeting informed the parties that have signed and the judge and questioning is set. This dictum with which the parties have been notified of their appointment and the dictum to be implemented. It should be noted that in civil and criminal cases this has worked and convincing grounds for the prosecutor and the judge acquires and could make the dictum is the fact that the decision in this regard without any fact that it is right for violation.

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