Bonaventura's Anthropology

  •  Farshad Aliyari    
  •  Qorban Elmi    
  •  Amirabbas Alizamani    


The aim of this study is to explain Bonaventura's anthropology theory as one of the main issues in the philosophy of religion. This article examines this issue by referring to the works of Bonaventura as well as descriptions and interpretations written on this field using descriptive-analytic methods. Bonaventura knows human as God's image and unlike some of the Christian philosophers considers'matter'in addition to 'soul'anddoes not separate soul from body.Following Augustine, Bonaventura knows human soul as body image so that soul can affect and be affected. He properly accepted two types of self-knowledge, first, he believed that an inner queen exists in human existence possessing the ability to thinkand contemplate on its own and Second, alternate activities of thought about itself, which is due to resorting to internal contemplation. Bonaventura knowsthe fact of human as something through which he/she can communicate with God and accordingly believes that human as the image ofGod has the power of thoughts and authority; He has a standpoint of "from Him" and "to Him". The superior position which Bonaventura intended for human in the universe is that human is a microcosm. Because he/shewill reflect its creatormore than any other creature in the material world.Nevertheless, Buenaventura believes that human has collapsed and original sinhas disrupted the realm of the intellect, emotions and human actions; He also explores the realms of human existence such as soul, spirit and heart so about heart he suggests that if human heart becomes clean and pure existence, his/her existence and nature is God's Wisdom Book. He believes that human can reach the highest level of wisdombecause he/she is the God's word (promise). Bonaventura believes that the foundation of human relationship with God is romantic; He knows the truth of human in relation to absolute (God); and part of his thoughts in relation to the human is focused on perfect human and perfect man knows Jesus Christ and introduces him as the inner teacher all mankind.

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