The Overlap of International Responsibility of Individual and State for Genocide

  •  Hilda Rezaee    
  •  Sadegh Salimi    


This study examines the overlap ofinternational responsibility of individual and state for genocide. To describe this overlap, the material and psychological elements of genocide are discussed. International criminal law with the distinction between "ordinary state responsibility" and "aggravated state responsibility " drawing the latter offences beyond the State's international responsibility that is mainly focused on the principle of compensation and in which punitive sanctions are not relevant. The result of this change is the establishment of individual criminal responsibility, and aggravated state responsibility.

The goal ofthe research is to Explain The Overlap of international responsibility of individual and state for genocide to argue that the two items are not two separate categories and rather, they complete each other. so that responsibility of individual and state for the same action following primarily, individual criminal responsibility and exclusively, Bring theaggravated state responsibility.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.