A Comparative Study of Damages and Price Reduction Remedy for Breach of Sale Contract under CISG, English and Iranian Laws

  •  Ali Zareshahi    


In order to discourage people from breaching a contract and also to compensate the injured party for any losses, the law provides several remedies for breach of contract. One of these remedies is price reduction. In this study, we aims to compare the rules of Iranian law for price reduction remedy with those provided by Convention on Contracts for the International Sale Of Goods (CISG), and English law. English law has set detailed rules for rewarding damages for breach of contract , while Iranian law has generally-defined rules. The legislator has not determined not only the types of damage, but also the criteria for assessment of the damage. The remedies provided for price reduction in the CISG for breach of contract has been adapted to requirements of international trade, while In Iranian law there is no clear rules for this purpose, except three rules including a) Giving property to the buyer instead of money, (b) Compensation for loss of legitimate business involved to the buyer, and (c) Compensation for delayed payment to the buyer.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.