Governance and Constitutional Issues in the Nigerian Local Governments

  •  Taiwo Olaiya    


A challenge gaining momentous notoriety in the discourse of governance crisis is the pattern of underperformance at the grassroots. This paper delved critically into the factors that accounts for this oft-touted performance crisis, with emphasis on areas of the discourse not hitherto examined. Focusing on peculiar characteristic of the Nigerian state, its ‘unitarised’ federalism occasioned by prolonged military administrations, regional politicking, and constitutional subjugation into excessive control from the component units, the paper interrogated what the fates of the local government might have portend were contrary to be the cases. Added to this is the pervasive corrupt environment and administrative bottlenecks under which the local government administration in Nigeria is subjected. The paper concluded, among others, that proper devolution of powers is critical to enhanced service delivery at the grassroots in Nigeria.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.