The Police, the Immigration Office and Illegal Immigrants: Indonesian’s Cases

  •  Muradi Muradi    


As a country that has strategic position, Indonesia faces illegal trafficking of people and goods. If the illegal traffic is not taken seriously, not only the country will lose revenue from customs duties, but also not integrated efforts against illegal traffic of goods and people. This paper will discuss the role of POLRI in assisting the Immigration Office in combating human trafficking and smuggling. This paper will also discuss the problem of illegal immigrants and human trafficking is complicated due to unscrupulous government and security apparatus. This paper also seeks actors involved and their role in paving the way for illegal immigrants. Finally, this paper argue the duty of POLRI in assisting the Immigration Office will run effectively if it involves a number of government agencies relating to the management and supervision of foreign territories, including the Ministry of Home Affair and the Armed Forces (TNI).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.