Challenges Posed on The New Mining Act and Its Regulations in Tanzania

  •  Charles W. Marwa    
  •  Isabela Warioba    


This paper assesses the challenges that are posed to the new mining law and other Regulations that govern the mining sector in Tanzania. The main issues discussed in this paper include the conflicts between the local people and the mining companies regarding land ownership, compensation and forced eviction, conflicts between Small Scale Mining (SSM) and Large Scale Mining (LSM).

The findings obtained by the authors, intimates that the major problems in the mining sector are due to lack of law enforcement and good governance in the sector as well as lack of awareness of the laws governing the sector by the local communities.

Lastly, the authors concludes and recommend that, until and unless the laws are adhered to and kept into practice, the problems in the mining sector will not be easily resolved. Hence in order for the mining sector to benefit the indigenous and the investors, there should be enhancement of sustainable development;, people should be educated on the laws and the effects of mining on the environment and the relationship between SSM and LSM be improved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.