Good Governance in Bangladesh: A Quest for a Non-Political Party Approach

  •  Sayed Javed Ahmad    


solutions. The approach here is analytical mostly reviewing current news, reports and other related materials. A comparative study is also carried out between the present and proposed system to get a quick glimpse on the overall situation. The idea here is to identify reasonable and practical solutions that would yield better result for Bangladesh and bring about positive changes in the political scenario that would allow the country to move forward as a successful and dignified nation. The author has kept the scope of this paper limited to political party, elections, governance and constitutional reforms.

A great deal of references is used in the thesis from the Constitution of Bangladesh as it is the highest source of guidance for our government. While doing so, some weaknesses of the constitution have been detected and some corrections are suggested where deemed appropriate. Examples of some gross violation of the constitution by the political party based government have also been discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.