A Review of Projects and Construction Law Practice in Saudi Arabia

  •  Abdullah Medallah    


Construction law in Saudi Arabia has never seen greater appeal. The key discussion of the paper is a review of the practice for projects and construction law, and how a lawyer can represent and advise clients of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. The discussion will examine key available legislative sources, authorities, literatures, and media in Saudi Arabia. The research will evaluate the above to explicate the current international understanding of Saudi projects and construction law practice. The framework of the paper is merely a review of key areas of the practice extracting them from syllabus of courses teaching construction law in international universities. In addition to academic research, points of discussion are cited from local newspapers mainly those commented by well-known practitioners. The key advantage the reader will have after reading this paper is to know more how the understudy jurisprudence and law has emerged. The delivered view here is that the legal and regulatory system may have many ambiguous areas and shortcomings for foreign lawyers. But, the issue is not being on the top agenda of supreme authority of the Kingdom. This was inaugurated because it is almost inherently built in the system that parties have greater latitude to choose their own preference of how to configure the documentation and the structure of the project. The aim, at the end, is to assist international lawyers in how to practically represent and advise clients in Saudi Arabia. Also, consequently, enlighten their instincts to the recently increasing disputes and potential failures of projects in the Kingdom.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.