Guarantees the Protection of the Rights of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

  •  Omar Kataibeh    
  •  Firas AL-Labady    


Forced migration of the Syrians is one of the major international challenges today and lies at the heart of the basic concepts of humanity and equality. War, conflict, environmental disasters and human are forced the individuals to move in search of safety and stability. This research defines international and regional systems, and the standards for the protection of refugees from the legal perspectives, and theoretical and practical.

Also this research analyzes private protective mechanisms such as supplementary protection or temporary escalating challenges for the protection of refugees caused by the increasing mixed migration of Syrians to Jordan and are analyzing the links between human rights law and humanitarian law and refugee law in the views of States' compliance with its legal and ethical obligations, Which gives the three durable solutions for refugees (repatriation, local integration and resettlement) special attention and express some of the major challenges presented by each and every one of them.

This research Shows challenges of complex emergencies, which discuss flows collective responses as developed by the international community to provide humanitarian aid effective, such as the "Group Policy". And explains the critical importance of the approach of the refugee population as groups heterogeneous with different needs and resources, and discusses the approach to identify and respond to the needs of special protection for vulnerable individuals within the community.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.